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Paraguay is a country that has endless possibilities for tourism, inviting a tropical climate and a history and folk art adorning their cities with an identity that enchants every visitor. All this comprises a broad cultural spectrum, reflecting the country in its literature, its art, its music, its dance and its traditional and modern expressions, where the visitor can enjoy to Paraguay

Offers the traveler the Eastern Region, which includes hills, with its green landscape surrounded by mountains, streams and lakes, dense forests, along with most of the country's cities and towns, whose colonial architecture maintains strong and pioneering features and the Western Region, representing the wider territory and least populous, including the great Chaco arid and dry, with extensive and valuable biological and ecological reserves, vast tracts of land dedicated to livestock and prosperous foreign colonies.
Besides the 17 indigenous communities, explore the diverse natural wealth of the country and do not miss the Casa de la Independencia, Government House and the Municipal Theatre
Paraguay has a climate ranging from temperate and warm during most of the year, The eastern zone is characterized by a climate more humid and rainy, and the western region is arid and dry.
The summers are long and winters are mild and short, although the months of July and August, some days the temperature can drop to 0 degrees centigrade.
Paraguay is a country in central South America, bordered to the north and west by Bolivia to the northeast and east by Brazil and the south and west by Argentina. It is one of two countries in South America that do not have an outlet to the sea, along with Bolivia.
The Aeropuerto Internacional Silvio Pettirossi is around Luque, 20 kilometers east of Asunción. Here you can easily find buses towards Aviators Av Av del Chaco.
The only national airline is Air Transport Mercosur (TAM).
The only scheduled domestic flights within the Paraguay are among Asuncion and Ciudad del and tickets must be booked and purchased at least one day in advance.
Direct international flights to and from Assumption and cities of neighboring countries like Argentina or Brazil to are regularly available, however the rates change frequently.
- Language: Spanish and Guarani
- Capital: Asuncion
- Population: 7,356,789 inhabitants.
- Area: 406,750 km ²
- Currency: Guarani
- Views: the travelers from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay need only of national identity cards to enter the country.
Founded by a decree of a unilateral decision of the government of Paraguay, a second group of countries still enjoy visa-free travel: Venezuela, Poland, the Slovak Republic, the Holy See, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus and Japan
People from all other countries need a visa to enter the country and passport valid for at least six months.

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