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Lanzarote is a Spanish island, part of the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean. Its coastline has 213 km (10 km are sand, 16.5 km are beach, and the rest are rocks). The islands amazing landscape includes the mountain ranges of Famara (671 m) in the north and Ajaches (608 m) to the south. The El Jable Desert divides Famara from Monta�as del Fuego.


Timanfaya National Park is the mountainous area of Lanzarote. The highest mountain is Pe�as del Chache (670 m above sea level). The "Tunnel of Atlantis" is the major underwater volcanic tunnel in the world. The island is listed as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve protected site.





The beautiful and exotic landscape


National Park of Timanfaya with its important lava fields


The island singular architecture the crystal-clear waters and the golden beaches





Lanzarote volcanic origin has shaped a landscape with over 300 volcanoes. It is the most eastern island of the Canary islands and it is situated 125 km from the African coast and north of Fuerteventura.


The island covers 846km2. To the north of the island is located the Chinijo archipelago - a group formed by the small islands La Graciosa, Alegranza, Monta�a Clara, Roque del Este and Roque del Oeste.





Lanzarote has a dry climate with warm temperatures and little rain. The average temperatures are 24� in August and 17� in January. The wind is regular and moderate almost all year, making Lanzarote the right place for the practice windsurfing, kite surfing and yachting.





Lanzarote airport is located western Arrecife. The taxi transfer to the centre of Arrecife costs around � 12 and takes 15 minutes If you go to the south of the island, it should cost around � 30. The Airport as a small bus, running every 30 minutes and stops in Playa Honda and the Capital Arrecife (www.arrecifebus.com






A hire car or travel by taxi is the best alternative for exploring the island and the remote regions.

Public transports are not a very good option as they don�t connect the most important attractions.





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