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Montego Bay
Montego Bay
Average Flight Price
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Price per night, 5 Stars Hotel 572 $
Price per night, 4 Stars Hotel 543 $
Price per night, 3 Stars Hotel 113 $
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Flight + nights stay in a star hotel / double room, is 
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Montego Bay is Jamaica's most touristic city beyond the Jamaican capital Kingston.

It is a warm and welcoming city with magnificent beaches, full of friendly people who just demand respect from you. Respect man!


It is quite common to be approached by the business of sex, prostitutes / or even by the traffickers.


In "Mo-Bay" as the locals say, you can enjoy a nice cruise along the coast and hear the stories of the Jamaican pirates, Calico Jack, Anne Bonnie and Mary Reid.

You can also glimpse the magnificent waterfalls and exotic beaches as Doctor's Cave and Fletcher or do some a safari through the mountains.


Montego Bay is located in the north of the island.

Bay where we can find hotels and villas on the beach or the mountains.


Jamaica has a tropical maritime climate with little variation in temperatures throughout the year, counting with pleasant temperatures ranging between 20 º C to 35 ° C.

The height of less rain during the year is between December and February, however the risk of cyclones in Jamaica increases between June and October.


There are two airports at your disposal, one is located in the capital Kingston and another in Montego Bay.

The airport of Montego Bay is called Donald Sangster International Airport and is just 3km from the city center.

Several taxis and coaches are at your disposal to take you to the city.


The Jamaican public transportation system is limited. But buses and taxis connect almost every village. For those who plan to travel on their own, a car is essential.


Taxis are the most popular form of transportation for travelers and can be found at the airport and in particular, around the Gloucester Avenue.

However, not all taxis are official in Montego Bay so it is advisable to agree a price before entering the taxi to avoid confusion.


Car rental agencies such as Avis, Budget, or Hertz have offices in the Donald Sangster International Airport.


If you want to visit the nearby towns and did not rent a car, opt for minibuses. Although there’s no air conditioning, it is much cheaper than taking a taxi. (for example a four-hour trip mini-bus to Kinsgton costs J $ 450 (about U.S. $ 7.50).


At night, celebrate with fried chicken, dancing to the beat of reggae and make bets on Gloucester Avenue, also known as the Hip Strip.

Do not miss Cratf Markets (Markets handicrafts): main is located on Harbour Street near the Sam Sharpe Square and other smaller ones are located near the Fantay Hotel and Fort Street close to a 17th century fort.


The Jamaica's official currency is the Jamaican dollar (J $) and you will be asked to use it for example to pay the bus fare, but the taxi drivers accept U.S. dollars.

We advise bureaux de change existing in the airport  and near Gloucester Avenue.






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