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The Seychelles islands are a dream destination. Situated in the Indian Ocean west, north and northeast of Madagascar, is an archipelago of 115 islands, but only 14 of them are prepared to receive tourists. The main ones are Mahé, the most crowded by tourists, Praslin and La Digue.
As the plane approaches the runway may be dazzled by the intense green of the lush forests and the many shades of blue and sea green, which appears completely transparent. Forests with rare species and tropical, and the sea, with such a variety of fish that is impossible to enumerate. The sea is really the greatest wealth of the Seychelles, such a quantity of colorful fish that can be found.
The real paradise of Eden.
The fantastic beaches.
The quality of the dive.
The island of Mahé, although beautiful beaches, forests and parks, offers less tranquility, it is here that most of the population lives and is also where most tourists circulate. Praslin find greater tranquility, stunning beaches and charming small hotels and less crowded. A visit to the interior of the island allows us to wander through a tropical rainforest truly rich in rare and very curious. Well worth it!
La Digue is almost considered the 'crown jewel' by tourists who go there. After a short boat ride, we arrive at a true natural paradise. Here there are no cars. On foot, by bicycle or oxcart traveled the short distance that separates us from another world. I speak from the magnificent beaches of La Digue, who knew of posters and travel magazines where the sand is sprinkled with clear gigantic rocks uncommon format, a unique setting that should be enjoyed at length. The diving on these beaches, overlooking the rocks is a truly unforgettable experience. Just curious about the giant tortoises make us leave the beach and go to a small park where they live, surrounded by lush greenery. You can feed them and watch them closely, can really observe your outsized
Warm tropical weather and rainy. The seasons are poorly marked and the temperature varies between 22 º and 27 º, during the months of July and August (the least hot of the year) and between 27 º and 32 º, between March April (the hottest months).
Rainy season: from December to February.
Local currency - Rupee
Arrangements for the entry and stay
You do not need a visa, just be in possession of a valid passport, return ticket and sufficient foreign exchange to stay.
Other information
The possession and use of drugs are harshly punished by law.
No transport, under any circumstances, strong currency into or out of the territory of Seychelles, on behalf of any other person. It is against the internal laws and the penalties too heavy.
Topless sunbathing is tolerated but only in some beaches. Nudism is not well accepted.
Homosexuality is illegal.

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