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Libya overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, comprising a coastline of about 2,000 km, offers a varied natural wealth.

The Phoenicians, the Romans, the Greeks, the Carthaginians, the Ottomans and the Italians left their prints in the history of this country with cultural sites classified as World Heritage, as the city Leptis Magna.
If you like architecture, visit Leptis Magna, Sabratha Romanao the desert Akakus and taste the magnificent cuisine.
Libya is a country in North Africa, bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea, to the east by Egypt and Sudan, the south by Chad and Niger to the west by Algeria and Tunisia.
Most international flights bound for Libya arrives at Tripoli International Airport and the Airport Benghazi Bernina. A small number of flights also uses Metiga airport Tripoli and Sebha airport.
Libya's borders with Algeria, Chad, Niger and Sudan were not open to visitors to date. The border with Niger opens ocasioanalmente, depending on political stability, however we advise you to check the situation in Tripoli before leaving because the route by land is quite long for their entry into the country is prohibited.
Currently, for security reasons, it is forbidden to travel to the desert, especially for areas bordering Chad and Sudan, due to instability in the region, as well as circular in Libya Tibesti area due to the existence of anti-personnel mines.
- Language: Arabic
- Capital: Tripoli
- Population: 6,173,579 inhabitants.
-Area: 1,759,540 km ²
- Currency: Libyan Dinar
- Viewed:
It required a visa, which must be obtained from the Libyan Embassy in your country. It also required the translation of the passport for the Arabic language. Such translation can also be made to the Libyan Embassy or sworn translator. The translation of the passport must be the same and contain the seal or the Libyan Embassy translator. Note that these authorities do not accept translations of passports made on separate pages and traveler runs the risk of being unable to enter the country for this.
Mentioned, which is denied entry into Libya to foreigners who have seen Israeli passport.
Validity Passport - Passports must have at least 6 months validity.
Registration Libyan authorities upon arrival - All tourists and travelers, for short periods of time, should proceed to register their passports with the police during the early days of arrival. Registration is usually done by the company that invites the traveler or travel agency. It is usual stylish manner retain the passports of guests for a few days for this purpose. If this entry is not done, the traveler is liable to pay a fine when he leaves the country.
Visas for travel
Visas for Tunisia and Egypt are available at border crossings, while seen to Chad, Sudan, Niger and Algeria are not available from the respective embassies of these countries in Tripoli.

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