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Calmly combining the ancient with the modern, Lebanon is one of the most captivating countries in the Middle East. Among the main attractions include whether buildings Phoenician of Tyre (Sour) and the huge Roman temple in Baalbek and Beirut Bernard Khoury's modern movement, the time in Lebanon's history leaves many visitors spinning.

Tripoli (Trablous) is considered to have the best souk in the country and is famous for its Mamluk architecture. Jounieh, a former sleepy fishing village, is a town alive with nightclubs and brightness weekends of summer.

By the innate hospitality of the Lebanese.
By the natural beauty of montanahs around Beirut.
For more lively evening of the Middle East, Beirut is ultimately the Paris of the East.
Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November), when the weather is warm, but not uncomfortable, are the best times to travel in Lebanon. Lebanon has a Mediterranean climate - hot and dry in summer (June-August), cold and rainy in winter (December-February). In the summer the humidity is very high along the coastline with daytime temperatures averaging 30 ° C, and night temperatures not much lower.
The winter is mild, with daytime temperatures averaging 15 ° C. In the mountains, the summer days are moderately warm (26 ° C on average) and cool nights. Winters are cold, with snow above 1300m. In winter, rain and clouds may spoil the rides and the snow may close some roads higher.
Note that not all budget hotels have heating. If you like skiing in winter is a good time to go. Travelers on a tighter budget might prefer to avoid the high season (mid-June to mid-September), when the prices of hotels and restaurants rises considerably.

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