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Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv
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Tel Aviv or Tel Aviv – Jaffa, is a city in Israel, located on the Plain of Sharon along the Mediterranean Sea, approximately 35 miles (56 km) northwest of Jerusalem.

This city is the financial and commercial centre of Israel, as well as the centre of its cultural life.

The “White City”, a unique and large concentration of International Style buildings in Tel Aviv has been considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Tel Aviv is a city full of history, but also a lively cosmopolitan city, with a very rich night life scene, amazing traditional and trendy restaurants and many cultural events.



Old Jaffa located in Jaffa

Fantastic beach landscape

A vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a Mediterranean weather



Tel Aviv is an easy city to mover around on foot. The streets of Hayarkon, Ben Yehuda (which becomes Allenby), Dizengoff, and Ibn Gvirol are all parallel to the Mediterranean shoreline and are the city's most important north-south arteries. Hayarkon is very close to the shoreline and to the beachfront Tayelet. At the northern end of Hayarkon you will find the Tel Aviv Port.

In the Downtown is the location of many interesting sites, such as the Rabin Square, The Carmel Market and the amazing “White City” starting from the Rothschild Boulevard.

On the south, the ancient city of Jaffa is also worth visiting, with its harbour, narrow lanes with art galleries and shops. South of Jaffa is the trendy area of Florentine, very popular with students and with cool places to go out.



Tel Aviv has a Mediterranean climate and any time of year is a good time to travel to Tel Aviv, but spring and autumn are especially pleasant. July and August are high season and the city becomes extremely crowded.



Ben Gurion International Airport is located 15km away from the city centre. It takes around 20 minutes to get to Tel Aviv. This trip can be done by train or taxi.  

The airport train station is easily accessible at the lower level on Terminal 3. Trains stop at all four Tel Aviv stations, with the exception of late night trains that stop only at Tel Aviv Merkaz/Savidor station.



By bus

Tel Aviv has a modern bus network run mostly by a company called Dan and also by Egged.

The bus route number 5 connects the Central Bus Station, in the south, with the Central Train Station. It goes through Rotschild Boulevards, Dizengof Street, Nordau Boulevard, Pinkas/Yehuda Maccabi Street and Weizman Street or Namir Road.

Another good bus route is number 18, connecting the Central Train Station with the southern neighbourhoods of Jaffa and Bat-Yam. It also has a stop in Rabin Square.  

By taxi

In addition to normal taxis, you can also take Sherut taxis, consisting essentially of a fleet of vans at the Central Bus Station that complement the buses routes.

To visit the city on foot, you can explore the so called three routes: special walking trails which tell the story of the city through three distinguishing colours: white, blue and green.

The White Route goes through the White City and historic Tel Aviv.

The Blue Route runs along the city's coastline.

The Green Route follows the Yarkon River along Ganei Yehoshua.




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