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Sharm el Sheik
Sharm el Sheik
Average Flight Price
300 $
Price per night, 5 Stars Hotel 150 $
Price per night, 4 Stars Hotel 54 $
Price per night, 3 Stars Hotel 49 $
Average price per person including
Flight + nights stay in a star hotel / double room, is 
These values represent only an estimate of costs for travels from New York, bought in 2014-08-05 with departure date in 2014-10-19 and return date in 2014-10-27 . These values refer the best quality and price according to parameters of selection set by Bananatrips. Prices may have changed since date of publication and will also depend on the specific date of reservation. The success in obtaining good prices is to make reservations in advance. For specific values in other dates please REQUEST A SEARCH BEFORE MAKING YOUR RESERVATION.
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Sharm el-Sheikh is a popular port and resort destination at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. It is very well known for its beaches and for having some of the world finest spots for diving.

The Sinai Peninsula is a land of rocky and mountainous desert. The Rocky Mountains are separated from the deep-blue sea by a flat desert strip. This mixture of desert and sea is an amazing sight really worth visiting.




The reefs of Tiran and Ras Mohammed are between the best diving-spots in the world


A trip to the desert


Crystal clear water, magnificent corals, exotic under water flora and rare tropical fishes





Sharm El Sheikh is basically divided into three main areas:


Na'ama Bay - A stretched sandy bay with a beautiful boulevard. It is the main sight for shops, restaurants, bars, 'Sheesha' cafes and nightlife.

Ras Um Sid Cliff - This is the cliff top area that connects Na'ama Bay and the bay of Sharm El Maya. Ras Om El Seed also is famous for its coral reefs.

Sharm El Maya - the bay area old town of Sharm El Sheikh. The picturesque bay is a natural port and home to many small boats.




Sharm el-Sheik is perfect for visiting all year round, but probably it�s better to go in winter, when temperatures range from 15 to 35�C.

During the summer months temperatures can rise to 45�C.



By Plane: Sharm el-Sheikh Airport is the largest in the Sinai and there are direct flights several times a week from most European Capitals to Ras Nasrani airport Sharm el Sheikh, about 6km north of Sharm el - Sheik, or connecting from Cairo Airport.
By Car: About 700Km from Cairo via Suez desert road through Ahmed Hamdi tunnel crossing the Suez canal then heading south parallel to Gulf of Suez to Ras Sudr, El Tor and Sharm El Sheikh.

Sharm el-Sheikh can be reached by driving down the eastern coast from Eilat (Israel) via Nuweiba and Dahab.
By Bus: From Cairo bus station off El Abasseya Square, or from Sharm El Sheikh. Sharm el-Sheik is easily accessible from most major cities in Egypt. There are regular bus services that arrive at the main bus station in Sharm. Sharm el - Sheik is also easily accessible from Israel. The beach resort is 340 km south of the Taba border.There are daily buses for both routes.

By boat

International Fast Ferries runs fast boats between Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada.




The best way to travel get around in Sharm el-Sheikh is by taxi or tuk-tuk.







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