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Boavista is one of the most beautiful of Cape Verde and has 55 miles of beaches, making up 52% ​​of beaches in the archipelago. Given that the distance of flight is 15 minutes from Sal's international airport, the most touristy of the islands.

From the small window of the plane, the island appears as a desert in the middle of the ocean. Flat and low vegetation, surrounded by a ring of golden sand, glaring colors ochres of earth and rock.

The clear and calm waters of the Atlantic, coupled with the enormous wealth of the seabed and its diverse coral reefs, make the island a great location for scuba diving.

Bodyboarding, kite and windsurfing are other sports practiced in Boa Vista. Apart from jeeps and pick-ups, rental scooters moto4 and scroll through the countryside or the coast.

Local agencies offer tours to the Desert of Viana in full moon nights and horse riding.


Beaches throughout the year

Fewer tourists than neighboring island of Sal


Viewed from above, the Boa Vista is an almost surreal, totally contrary to the image that has a paradisiacal destination. But this is also its greatest charm, the way this detachment serves as camouflage, forcing the visitor to the pleasure of discovery and surprise.

Of the 10 islands that make up the archipelago of Cape Verde, Boa Vista is the third largest, one of the least populous, but also the closest to the African coast, just 455 kms away.

The most interesting villages of the island are the "North", enigmatic name of the area located within the east. John Galego, Fundo das Figueiras, Head of Taraf sleep in the shade of a vegetation "lush" by local standards.

Do not miss: Baía das Gatas, where in some months, one can see dozens of sharks along the coast, and the Black Hill, the nearest point of the archipelago of Africa, 455 kms away. The Tip of Ervatão, an impossibly beautiful beach. Get to paradise has its costs: in this case we have to cross an ocean of stone and dust, returning the same way.
Finally visit the desert of Viana, a Sahara in miniature, with its small oases, palm trees and lonely sand dunes formed with the wind harmatão brings the black continent


The influence of the continent sit in the dry climate and the warm wind that blows from the Sahara desert. Rain is a rare commodity.

The climate is dry tropical, with temperatures around 25 ° C for most of the year. Although rainfall is very low, there is a short rainy season between August and October. The harmatão, and hot dry wind coming from the African coast, blowing between the months of December and February, sometimes causing a kind of fog, haze called.


TAP flies daily from Lisbon to the island of Sal, for rates starting at € 450, round trip.
From here, the company TACV Cape Verde (tel. 213 230 555) offers a daily flight, whose one-way fare is around € 59.


The island has only one paved road, which connects the airport to the capital Sal Rei, the fishing village where he lives most of the inhabitants of Boa Vista.

The rest are on paved roads, the time of Portuguese colonization, and on dirt paths. The isolation helps explain the high state of preservation of the island, which however may be threatened with the construction of some tourist megaprojects, boosted by the opening of the new international airport Rabil at the end of last year.

Due to poor access, the best way to traverse the island is in vehicles all-terrain. In Sal Rei can be rented jeeps and motorcycles 4. Another solution is to hire a taxi (which here are pick-ups) for a day and from the discovery, guided by the driver himself, something they are quite pleased.

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