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What are the advantages of using the services of bananatrips?

In bananatrips you find the best prices available on the Internet for specific destinations for all travel-related services, including flights, hotels and rent-a-car. Finding the best travel deals on the net can be very exasperating and exhausting. bananatrips saves you time and money by finding for you the best travel options. We searched the web for each journey in a personalized way so you can have the best options.

Ca I request a search only for flights?

Yes. Each web search is independent. We can search the internet for flights, hotels or car rental a car or any other thing you may need. The form available on this site has that option.

It is possible to make reservations through the site bananatrips?

No. bananatrips is not a travel agency and do not make travel bookings. We just indicate which internet sites have the best prices and how to obtain them. If you can want we can help you make your reservations online in the various operators, but for this you will have to call us to our offices in Oporto.

What is the experience of bananatrips in the choice of destinations and circuits?

bananatrips travel team as been in virtually all destinations described in this site and knows what it proposes. Our taste for travel is as large as that of our customers so that the choices we make have a high approval rating. With bananatrips you are sure to get excellent choices with the best relations of price / quality and usually great savings when compared with traditional travel bookings.

The prices of hotels at each destination and category are the cheapest?

Not necessarily. The choices bananatrips for each category of hotel fall especially in the best value for money. For example, a hotel that has a low room price can end up more costly if you are not near the city center, among other constraints. In bananatrips we think that trips are to be remembered forever and for the best reasons, so that our choices reflect these priorities.

By doing a search, bananatrips receive commissions from airlines, hotels or airlines, rent a car?

No. Some sites accept, from tourist agents, agreements for the promotion or discounted hotels and travel. bananatrips does not. We are totally independent from the tourism industry. All travel undertaken by our staff is paid and organized by them, so we travel in anonymity. We, therefore, have the experience of traveling around the world, enjoying the good side and facing the unexpected, as with any traveler. Thus, we work to make sure our proposals are the most fair and impartial.

How do I get paid?

Payment of the web research is done through PayPal, a secure payment with credit card and no charge beyond the normal inherent in using a credit card. Alternatively you can choose to pay by bank transfer to bananatrips, and your research is carried out once confirmed payment.

What is the value to pay for research?

For each flight search back and forth between two cities bananatrips charges a single value of 6 GBP or 9 USD, regardless of the number of stops or passengers. For each hotel search bananatrips charges a single value of 2 GBP regardless of the number of days of stay or number of guests. If the journey involves a stay in various destinations we will charge a search for each destination. For each car rental search bananatrips charges a single value of 3 GBP regardless of the number of days or vehicles.

Prices of flight tickets vary greatly over the year?

Yes. In fact, prices of airline tickets can vary widely depending on the season. For example, ticket prices have experienced an average increase of 30% when we compare our research flights between May and July. To alleviate these variations we recommend a purchase with at least two months in advance.

When did you have the idea of creating bananatrips?

The idea of bananatrips came during a trip through Bali, Vietnam and China in November 2007. All bookings for flights and hotels had been previously carried out via the internet and the excellent result of this experiment led to the idea of creating a website to facilitate and provide anybody access to cheap and the lowest rates for travel, without neglecting the quality. The idea was being matured and we will started creating this site in January 2009. We appeared online on May 13, 2009 with bananatrips Portugal website and since then the number of visitors has grown beyond our expectations.

In January 2010 our International websites were placed online and now bananatrips is available in 6 languages and 7 websites. Soon we will be launching our theme sites that we hope you will appreciate.



Bananatrips is in testing phase. If you find any error or have suggestions please e-mail us.

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