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About us

The idea of creating bananatrips came during a 4-month trip through Southwest Asia. All bookings for flights and hotels were made over the Internet and the result was excellent. We thought it might be a good idea to create a travel website that would aggregate the benefits of reservation on the net in a personalized way.

Finding good travel deals on the Internet can be a tedious and very confusing task. There are hundreds of sites with automatic sales and booking of flights and hotels and all with very similar prices.

It turns out that what most travelers want is a flight, a hotel or rent a car knowing that they got the lowest price available. When traveling it is important to know which airline has the cheapest fares and which hotel has the best value for money.
Your best price is our biggest concern.

Today, the act of booking a journey through a travel agency is a thing of the past, not only because it is much more expensive but also due to the limits of the tour packages themselves. Booking a travel over the Internet, besides being cheaper is definitely the most intelligent option. In some cases, you can select the same journey, with the same flights and hotels, for about half price.

The biggest problem with online booking is its wide range of choices and prices. It is true and known that no automatic tool will combine the best prices and itineraries, according to the objectives of who decides to travel. To any destination in the world you want to go, we will search the web manually for the best combination of flights, hotels, car rental and any other service that you need. In some cases, we can even arrange local tours. 

Taking as our starting point our preferences and budget, we will search for the best travel with the best quality/price ratio. It is, therefore, our objective, to be the number one worldwide in searching the web for the best trips at the lowest price. 

The truth and transparency are the guiding principles for all content published on bananatrips websites. Some sites accept from tourist agents, promotion agreements or discounted hotels and travel.  bananatrips does not. We are totally independent from the tourism industry. All travel undertaken by our staff were paid and organized by us and we travel in anonymity. We have the experience of traveling around the world, enjoying the good and facing the unexpected, as with any independent traveler. This way, we work to make sure proposals are fair, impartial and informed.

Bananatrips is in testing phase. If you find any error or have suggestions please e-mail us.

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